We are a one-stop organization for convenient and high-quality online academics and skills acquisition, and financial empowerment and business mentorship.Research has revealed that online school is more effective as a result of so many advantages ranging from security (health and physical security), to learning at your pace and convenience.At Ravefocus we award certificate for certain skill sets and we also go further by helping to secure employment for our 5 star graduates and being a beacon of hope for the average Nigerian Youth struggling to become self-sufficient and valuable to himself and the society.


“Learning made easy”A one stop virtual class for all kind of learnings ranging from academics to skill acquisitions.


To develop and execute intensive Online Trainings on academics, important frequently-demanded skill-sets by employing modern channels like WhatsApp and web app for convenience and time management.
Our graduates will stand out in the workforce and will be empowered to become self-sustained by providing business funding and mentorship afterwards.

Aim & Objective
The primary objective of Ravefocus is to ensure that the average individual is empowered academically and with the skills to help them thrive in the work field and stand out in their businesses. The venue of the classes will be on WhatsApp groups where videos from professional facilitators will be uploaded intermittently and questions from students will be attended to by the facilitators/trainers.

Classes will hold every day at a stipulated time for 5 working days and this will last for about one month. We are exploring an innovative style of delivering classes, which would be through Instant Messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram for convenience and ease-of-use.

Phone number: 09013352846 08088866678